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This Website allows you to download Videos from know Video Sharing Pages, such as YouTube, MyVideo, etc. All you need to do is copy the needed Video link, located in the Browser’s Address bar, into the form above and click the Download button. After you have done that, the direct download link will be generated and you can download the .flv file.

Using GrabIt.to comfortably (Firefox)

Simply copy the following magic link into your browser’s address bar.

If you wish to download a video, click this link, in the address bar, on the video’s page.

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Playing and converting .flv files

An adequate Player to view the files is the FLV Player. If you wish to convert the file, you can use the programme Super to do this.

What are .flv files?

FLV (short for Flash Video) files are used to provide and play videos for Adobe's Flash Player (version 6, 7, 8 or 9) over the Internet. These can also be embedded in SWF files. Important pages using this technique are Google Video, YouTube and MyVideo. Files in FLV format can be played with the FLV player, which was invented especially for this kind of files.

Flash Video’s advantages are cross platform usability and the easy use, since no further codecs have to be installed besides Flash Player.

Grab History

Time Video Actions
19:41:42 - 16.05.14 Larissa Marolt tanzt den Tango in Show 7 - Let's Dance 2014 @clipfish.de open save
21:42:43 - 12.04.14 Let's Dance 2014: Larissa Marolt überzeugt mit Contemporary @clipfish.de open save
21:26:35 - 12.04.14 Alexander Klaws kommen die Tränen - Let's Dance 2014 @clipfish.de open save
21:25:37 - 12.04.14 Let's Dance: Bernhard Brink bricht den Rekord! @clipfish.de open save
05:10:13 - 12.04.14 Alexander Klaws tanzt die Rumba - Let's Dance 2014 @clipfish.de open save
10:29:45 - 05.04.14 Alexander Klaws vor der 2. Show von Let's Dance 2014 @clipfish.de open save
10:01:19 - 05.04.14 Let's Dance 2014: Alexander Klaws glänzt mit dem Jive @clipfish.de open save
23:31:35 - 28.03.14 Larissas erste Tanzstunde bei Massimo Sinato - Let's Dance 2014 @clipfish.de open save
23:22:11 - 28.03.14 Let's Dance 2014: Larissa Marolt und Massimo Sinato tanzen Cha Cha Cha @clipfish.de open save
09:52:50 - 18.03.14 Christopher Schnell spricht über die Gerüchte! DSDS 2014 @clipfish.de open save
23:06:36 - 23.01.14 Basilisk: Episode 1 - Meine Liebe, mach dich bereit, zu sterben @clipfish.de open save
16:32:32 - 09.01.14 DSDS 2014: Vanessa Valera Rojas singt Ja von Silbermond @clipfish.de open save
16:35:24 - 08.01.14 Mystery Medley @clipfish.de open save
09:32:47 - 08.01.14 Rebecca Ferguson - Light On (30 Jahre RTL) @clipfish.de open save
12:45:49 - 06.01.14 Love The Way You Lie @clipfish.de open save
16:19:07 - 04.01.14 Chemnitz - Kleine Bahn ganz groß @clipfish.de open save
08:00:40 - 01.01.14 Pusher - Kultfilm mit Mads Mikkelsen @clipfish.de open save
07:36:51 - 25.12.13 Hey Brother @clipfish.de open save
20:08:50 - 24.12.13 Thank You For The Music @clipfish.de open save
18:23:52 - 22.12.13 Timber (feat. Ke$ha) [Lyric Version] @clipfish.de open save
12:09:15 - 20.12.13 Queenie Eye @clipfish.de open save
16:45:25 - 09.12.13 Basilisk: Episode 9 - Kummervolle Trennung, anhaltender Regen @clipfish.de open save
18:53:13 - 06.12.13 Basilisk: Episode 3 - Böswillige Vergangenheit, vernichtet ohne Gnade @clipfish.de open save
22:31:08 - 05.12.13 Atemlos durch die Nacht @clipfish.de open save
09:51:08 - 01.12.13 Advent, Advent @clipfish.de open save
10:36:34 - 29.11.13 Timber (feat. Ke$ha) @clipfish.de open save
09:59:28 - 24.11.13 Calling All Angels @clipfish.de open save
14:49:39 - 23.11.13 Wrecking Ball @clipfish.de open save
14:47:44 - 23.11.13 Skyfall (James Bond Titelsong) @clipfish.de open save
22:21:26 - 07.11.13 Leben retten: Kaya Yanar ist 100 Pro für Reanimation @clipfish.de open save